Dress Rehearsals

Lets get you suited up for the grand event.

Were you wondering about how to wear a graduation cap and tassel? We’re here to provide instructions! Here, we will help you you get ready with the graduation gowns rehearsals for the big day.

How to wear the Convocation Gown

  1. Make sure the graduation gown is in good order
  2. Put it own ensuring you fasten the velcro, zip or ties
  3. Stretch the gown to ensure its straight at the shoulders

How to wear the Convocation Hood

  1. Make sure the graduation Hood is in good order
  2. Put it own ensuring it faces correct direction
  3. Fasten the provided note ensuring its flat enough
  4. For ladies, make sure your hair is pulled back on top of the hood/sash at the backside

How to wear the Convocation Cap

  1. Put on the graduation Cap with elastic side at the backside otherwise fasten with a safety pin
  2. Fasten the tassel on button keeping it on the left.
  3. (Remember to switch the tassel to the right for the photo session post the event)

Let it count - Fabulous graduation gowns set, for your memorable day.

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The main goal of Convocation Gowns Palace is to create a "World Class" graduation experience for our customers. This commitment is led by passion hence we have great reviews from our clients and exceeding their service expectations has allowed us to keep our client retention high.
John S.
Chief Stylist

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