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Your graduation ceremony can be a busy day, so we bring our convocation gown retrieval to your door, so you can enjoy the convocation ceremony hustle free.

Learn how to wear the gown, hood and cap through our rehearsal Tutorials

Students Convocation Gowns

Rent ₹200 | Buy ₹700

Convocation Gowns Palace provides Student Convocation Gowns in high quality Satin material, custom-tailored for your graduation ceremony. We provide a set of Convocation Gown, including either yellow, blue or red hoods and a graduation caps

Masters & Faculty Convocation Gowns

Rent ₹300 | Buy ₹800

5 star quality convocation regalia that ensures that the teachers or the professors stand out on the great day. This are styled differently in color-and-stitch, to bring out the best of your academic staff.

Doctoral / Dignitary Convocation Gowns

Rent ₹600 | Buy ₹2000

The executive regalia from “Convocation Gowns Palace” is all you need for the esteemed guests on the D-day. This gowns are made from high quality velvet feather touch fabric for comfort.

Kids Graduation Gowns

Graduation Gowns are all about you!

Convocation Gowns Palace has been celebrating convocations with graduates across India for years. We know how important the convocation day is for you.We custom make the convocation gowns just for you.

The Best Convocation Gowns in India and across the globe

Graduation Peripherals

Peshwai Pagdi Convocation Cap

Rent ₹200 | Buy ₹1500

Desi Peshwai Pagdi Convocation Cap.
Special edition for Desi convocation and inaugural ceremonies.
Most loved by colleges in Mumbai.

Premium Convocation Hoods

Rent ₹300 | Buy ₹800

Convocation gowns palace offers an assortment of graduation hoods to match your convocation ceremony. Our hoods are made of 100% polyester and trimmed with a velvet band to represent your field of study.

Deluxe Convocation Sash

Rent ₹20 | Buy ₹100

The high quality Deluxe Convocation Sash brings pomp and color to the event. This printable graduation rigalia makes your graduation ceremony customizable.

Customers Reviews

The main goal of Convocation Gowns Palace is to create a "World Class" graduation experience for our dear graduates. This passionate commitment has gained us great reviews from our clients compared to our competitors. Exceeding their service expectations has allowed us to keep our client retention high.
Sunita B.
CEO & Founder
We all were really scared of ordering gowns online, especially from a far place like Pune, We got surprised when you guys turned up on time with gowns nicely packed. We will always recommend your service here in the city.
Sheila Raheja
Bandra Mumbai
Our students and the faculty had a nice time with the convocation hustle free. They could not even let us take the gowns back. Some even bought a set each to take a set home. It was an amazing experience this year.
Gov' Medical College
We actually never thought of looking for gowns since we already had a supplier, but it turns out that we realized, on time that the supplier had very old gowns. Thanks for saving the day, even during the last hours.
Oriental College
Andheri Mumbai

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